About GBCC

Our mission...

Our goal is to build a healthy, growing local economy by facilitating cooperation and communication between businesses, government and residents. We aim to promote a positive environment that preserves the special character of our community in order to attract new businesses, new residents and create a welcoming environment for tourism.

Benefits of Joining GBCC

By joining, you will be able to gain the following benefits for your business:

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  • Networking opportunities
  • Free listing in the www.BarryvilleNY.com web site ($100 value)
  • Networking between member businesses
  • Invites to Seminars and Workshops
  • Email bulletins notifying events, happenings and updates
  • Voting at monthly GBCC meetings
  • Member to member discounts
  • Ribbon cutting ceremonies for all new businesses with free press release and photo
  • 100% of your dues go directly to the GBCC and stay in our community
  • Active participation with local and state officials
  • Aggressive fundraising year round
  • Participation in an exciting and growing community
  • Selection committee for the Community Volunteer Scholarship. To date we have given over $26,500 in scholarship funds for graduating seniors who have demonstrated a deep appreciation for volunteering and contributing to our community.


Roswell Hamrick
Stickett Inn
Cathy Daboul
Middletown Medical/
River Valley Family Medical
Dorene Warner
W Design
Mary Jones Mellet
Master Stylist
Laura Burrell


Laura Burrell

Board of Directors

General Dentistry
Stickett Inn Cider/
Bang Bang Bar
Nonneta’s Keramika

Committee Chairs


Cathy Daboul
John Pizzolato
Marie Devore



Dorene Warner
Laura Burrell


Laura Burrell
Jessie Lazar


Cathy Daboul
Marie Devore
Mary Jones Mellet
John Pizzolato


Come to a meeting!

We meet on the 1st Monday of each month. Executive meetings start at 6:00pm, open at 6:30pm.


We currently host our monthly meetings at local businesses on a rotating basis. 

Email info@barryvilleny.com if you'd like to present anything to the Board of Directors.

Sometimes we need to postponea meeting due to weather, etc. We also host sub-committee meetings at other locations on different dates.