Artist Banners


The Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce is seeking artist submissions for the 2025-2026 "Banners on the Byway" along the scenic river corridor on NYS Route 97 in Barryville, NY.

This is an opportunity to immortalize your artwork along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway where residents and 300,000-400,000 visitors traverse year-round.

Each selected artwork will grace two-sides of a single banner.

Each banner will be part of an art show that will dually be exhibited online on the “Barryville Banners on the Byway” page on, where an image of the artwork, title, artist’s name, and link to the artist’s website will appear.

The artwork should fit the theme of being: “Emergence”

We suggest that artists submit works of art that are identifiable from a distance. As the banners will hang about 10 ft above the ground and will be seen mostly by passersby on bicycles and cars. Works may be representational, suggestive or abstract. Suggested mediums are photography, painting, drawing, mixed-media, or other. We will review all applications after 10/20/25.

Submission Deadline: Friday October 20th, 2025

Download Applications and Submission Requirements:

If the juried artwork is selected for a banner, a $50 fee will be required from each selected artist’s piece to help assist with the banner printing and promotion of the “Barryville Banners on the Byway” Art Project.

Claudia Bocker Banner

© Claudia Bocker