The GBCC offers two different scholarships to graduating high-school students seeking college OR funds for trade-school. Yes - even those receiving the SUNY Sullivan Promise Scholarship.  
The GOAL is to embody the importance of being involved and supporting our community.
Applications to be postmarked by February 21, 2024

Total awards to be distributed will be determined after our fundraising season is over. Typically between $500 and $1,500 are given. Number of awards will be determined by the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Committee upon review of all applications. Through the generous support of our donors, we are offering TWO scholarships for 2024.

  1. Emerson Heasman Alumni Scholarship for those attending a 2 or 4 year institution after graduation
  2. (NEW) School to Trade Scholarship for those entering a field or trade. Scholarship awards go to certification training or needs to enter a trade field (welding, auto body/repair, carpentry, masonry, HVAC etc..)

All applicants must be members of the Eldred Central School.

Applicants submit the following items for the application to be considered "complete":

  • Write an essay (must be between 650-1000 word count) answering the following prompt: Where are you headed after high school, why and what are your career goals? How has living in and around the Town of Highland (including Lumberland and surrounding areas) informed your future goals?
    • In addition to the essay, you can provide supplemental documents such as letters of support from community members, teachers, mentors AND any hours of documented volunteerism with a resume.
      • Volunteer hours should include the population served, the number of hours volunteered, a description of the service provided, and the signature of a member of the organization served (or a representative of the population that benefited from the service).
        • Service to civic groups, government agencies, private not-for-profits, religious institutions, and schools or school organizations are some examples.
  • All applicants must provide official school transcripts documenting a 3.0 cumulative average through December of their senior year.

All applications must be postmarked by February 21st.

  • Application forms may be returned to or mailed to Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce, Scholarship Committee, PO Box 1, Barryville, NY 12719.

The scholarship committee will review each applicant’s essay and any supplemental documents provided. We are looking to learn from your personal experience what you like/love about living here, how you have contributed and what are your ideal future plans.

The GBCC will recognize all applicants and announce the winner of the scholarship at the annual GBCC Fundraiser (Saturday March 2nd 6:30-9:30PM at the River's Edge NY). The scholarship details will be presented at the successful applicant’s graduation ceremony.

Selected will be awarded a check made out to the selected 2- or 4-year institution of higher learning OR to a trade school to which the applicant has been accepted and plans to attend.

Past Recipients


Olivia Masci
Madison Bonnell
Sophia Deyermond


Pearl Smyth
Matthew Ranaudo


Owen Anderson
Kyle Daw
Kaitlyn Potter



Gabriella Del Rio
Mudra Patel


Brenna Knibbs
Jissela Labuda


Hailee Kolvenbach
Morgan Kopf



Julia Foster
Kim Gonzalez
Kayla Maas
Isabella Pizzo


Lynzee Kelty
Braelyn Kolvenbach
Max Smyth



Sheila Burns
Gil Malher


Brian Jasper
Peter Vorstadt
Timothy Worzel


Heather Hallock
Nicholas Wyss


Jesse Corcoran
Amador Z. Laput


Craig Burns
Brian Hazen


Meaghan Hazen
Erika Vorstadt


Cheyanne Murdock
Christina Watts


Christian Martinez


Celia Oset