celebration of the newly opened car wash

Revitalized…the Barryville Car & Truck Wash Returns

All in the family. Barryville car wash comes back to life.

Jim Sallusto has been bringing his family to Yulan for weekend getaways for over 27 years. Now that they live here full-time, he and his son Matt have renovated and re-opened the Barryville Car & Truck Wash.

“Matt is in charge,” Jim said at the December 18th ribbon cutting and celebration, “I’m just the eye candy.”

The ceremony, complete with cider and donuts, was sponsored by the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce, with refreshments supplied by The Stickett Inn.

“We have installed all of the most modern self-serve car wash equipment that is on the market today. We have all kinds of soaps, conditioners, waxes and undercarriage rollers.” Matt said.

“We had to redo everything, so we figured we might as well do it right,” Jim replied.

And they have.

In deference to the proximity to the Upper Delaware River, the car wash is equipped with a series of holding tanks that filter out sediment, salt and any chemical residue from the biodegradable soaps. The produced grey water is then pumped out by a local carrier.

“It’s wonderful to welcome this new business to Barryville,” said John Pizzolato, chamber board of director. “And there will be more ribbon cuttings soon.”

The Barryville Car & Truck Wash is a member of the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce. See their membership listing >>