Flower Fish Pollinator Garden Stree Mural

River Road Cul-de-sac Street Mural

The GBCC is excited to be creating a splash of welcoming color in the River Road Cul-de-sac Street Mural at the intersections of Routes 97 and 55 by the Shohola-Barryville Bridge, while helping reduce the surrounding sea of black top.

The mural will serves as a place-making device for people to remember their impression of the Hamlet and Town as well as a landmark for referencing in directions.

During the building of the new Shohola-Barryville Bridge the existing road, which linked to the intersection, was eliminated and turned into the cul-de-sac. Since then it has provided parking spaces for many to launch kayaks and walks along the River. We hope that are new mural brightens their day.

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